Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Retain Youth by Lillian Russell (1905)

Not big worry but petty worry is the greatest harbinger of old age.

To many women in domestic life the cook's ill temper is a tragedy, the laundress's predilection for superfluous blue a bodily infliction, the excessive prices of the butcher a great sorrow of her existence. Ah! She will need more than massage and cold cream can accomplish to eradicate the woe-begone expression, the downward droop of the discontented lips. If you would remain young, discharge the ill-tempered cook! Find a new laundress! Deal at another market! Ten years from now the cook's ill temper will have subsided, but what of the telltale lines about your mouth? Ten years from now the over-blued lingerie will have been replaced by other garments, but how about the creases around your eyes? Ten years from now the Beef Trust may have frizzled into the millennium, but alas for the wrinkled forehead that you have cultivated! (1905)
This is from the 100th issue of McCall's Magazine put out in 1976.

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  1. Truer words may have been spoken but these are noteworthy. Those who look young usually "live young" by dismissing objectionable personalities and situations from their lives!

    Thanks for sharing!