Sunday, May 24, 2009

Provide your own caption!

What are these two fashionistas saying?


  1. woman on the left: with my new harry potter magic wand(tm) smiting your enemies is a CINCH! i don't even get blood under my nails anymore!
    woman on the right: AVADA KEDAVRA!

  2. See...I might not have come up with that. ;-)

  3. Woman on right, "I don't think this bracelet is real platinum. I am getting a very itchy rash and my wrist is turning green!"

    Woman on left, "Hmmm, ya think?"

  4. "What was the last thing you had to eat, Darling?" asks the woman on the left.

    "Eat? EAT!?! Please! I haven't eaten anything since 1945. That's the only way I can manage to still wear this Barbie doll-waisted dress."

  5. "Does this dress make my derriere look large?"

    "No dear, it is the 17 inch whittled waist that give us such curves."

    "Yes, and so much happiness, too!"