Friday, May 29, 2009

That Friend of Your Wife's Named Dior- Colliers Magazine 1955

Colliers Magazine ran this article about Christian Dior in 1955, written by Richard Donovan with photos by Eugene Kammerman.

"Dressing room is tense spot while show is in progress. Dior calls gown in foreground Fete du Printemps."

"Gowns are fitted to exact measurements of models who will wear them in the twice-yearly fashion show. Here M. Dior uses Malacca stick to point out a defect to production bodd Mme. Marguerite and assistant M. Paul."

"The show. Seats cost up to $1,000, credited against purchases. Name of this gown: Accroche Coeur."

"Needleworker, right, expresses high satisfaction with new Dior gown"

"The monsieur and two satisfied customers - Princess Olga, right, of the Yugoslav royal family (now deposed) and her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, wearing Dior creations."

"What's in the cards for next year? His mind on the future, Dior relaxes with a game of solitaire."

"After awaking at his Paris apartment, Dior stays in bed for an hour, breakfasting and reading paper."


  1. Really cool post. I love the pics,

  2. Fascinating! LOVE Dior's style, wish I had the figure for it. ;-)

  3. In the article they explain thta his "new shape" was that of a letter shoulders, flared out skirt. That's why the model with the title is standing next to an "A". When you know that you can see it.