Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anny Blatt de Paris - Haute Couture Knit Wear 1952

This Anny Blatt "knitting album" from 1952. "This is the first time that an album entirely composed of Paris models created by a leading Paris designer has been published in the United States. For the first fine American women can make their own garments with a Paris label."
You don't have to look twice to see the French influence here.

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  1. Anny blatt designed a wardrobe for mccall's needle craft magazine, fall 1956-57. One would send a small fee to mccall's and they would send you the leaflet. Any chance you or someone else has leaflet 423-NB? Knit Wrap sweater created any anny blatt, but re-written for American style knitting.