Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fascination Magazine - 1946 - Fashioned For Living

"Fashion is a medium of expression, and the power of self-expression has strange sorcery. Fashion is a general acceptance of a way to live, or dress, or think; style is your individual acceptance of the custom. Fashion is the March of Time of feminine personality in this modern world. And the modern woman knows that the way to look is natural-the way to achieve it is artful. Individually, a woman assumes the role of her costume, fits into and acts the part of her home atmosphere. She is interested in fashions to suit her way of life; often she lives up to and rearranges her way of life to suit a costume. Collectively, fashion links hands with the economic and political temper of the times. Postwar reunions create exotic, feminine, exciting styles for intime moments; new home architecture inspires casual styles for lounging; distance shortened by modern travel encourages styles for practical, varied wear. Thus, time and circumstances demand that fashion, to live, must be funetional. FASCINATION seeks to show you each month the newest fashions in their natural settings, with no little fences herding you into age or wage groups. On the following pages we offer some suggestions for your individual expression."

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