Monday, July 12, 2010

"Increasing The Bust Measurement" - 1913

Get some figs, prunes, cocoa butter and milk!

"If we ever needed a good figure, certainly now is the time, for the current styles rely for a great part of their effect upon the soft curves and graceful lines of a normal, well-developed figure.

Are you one of those whose mirror discloses shortcomings should be remedied? Then let's let's talk it over; for, whatever your problem, I am sure, together, we will chance upon a satisfactory solution. First, let us consider the case of the girl whose bust refuses to pass the thirty-two-inch measurement. If she is eighteen or under, let her remember that there is nothing more delicate than the slender lines of a girlish figure and make no effort to alter her appearance. If, however, she is a fully-fledged young woman, a bride, or a matron of years, it is the part of wisdom for her to determine to develop her figure to proper proportions."

"If the whole body fails to measure up to standard, diet is the first agent of reform to enlist. You need more or better nourishment. The milk diet will provide this in the simplest, most easily digested form, and increase your weight from one and a half to three or four pounds a week, the bust, of course, sharing in the general development. A use of the tape - measure, after a few weeks of the milk diet, will provide cause for rejoicing. Next, let us try some simple local treatments. Hie yourself off to the nearest drug store and purchase a cake or two of cocoa butter. Then, when you are ready for bed at night, seat yourself cosily at your dressing-table and, with lighted candle before you, heat a cake of the cocoa butter over the flame until it begins to melt. Quickly, transfer it to the bust and apply gently with a circular motion. Warm again, and again massage, until the breasts and shoulder have been well anointed. Do not be afraid of using too much because your object is to secure its absorption by the the skin. Be careful not to handle the breasts roughly, but let every movement be light and delicate. A fifteen - minute treatment is ample, and should be followed by a thorough spray with cold water.
In the morning, on rising, fill a basin with hot water, to which has been added ten drops of tincture of benzoin, and bathe the bust till the skin is pink and glowing. Then spray with cold water. This will help to firm the flesh."

"Be careful not to bind the bust with any of your clothing-brassieres and other trig and tight wearing apparel are for your full-busted sisters; your own garments, at all times, should leave the bust plenty of room, without compression.

Let the flat busted woman eat a half dozen figs each night, or soak six prunes over night in a tumbler of water, and in the morning drink the water and eat the prunes, masticating them throughly before swallowing. A couple of glasses of hot water an hour before each meal, and just before retiring, will also help in the good work.

I wish you would try the cocoa massage, plus a reform in your diet, for the next month. If you want any additional aid, there is a very simple treatment secures excellent results for most people. It consists of a fattening liquid, of which two dessert spoonfuls are taken before each meal.

The woman with too full a bust should use the following pomade made nightly and follow with an astringent compress:


White vaseline..................30 grams
Aristol....................................2 grams
Essence of peppermint....10 drops

Editor's Note. - Every woman possesses the possibilities of attraction. Beauty often lies merely in clear eyes, well-cared-for skin, nicely manicured nails, soft and luxuriant hair and an attractive figure. It is Miss Beacon's object in this department to lend every aid to the woman who wishes to improve her appearance and her health. All inquiries will be cheerfully answered by mail, if a stamped, addressed envelope accompanies the request. "


  1. Putting on four pounds a week is CERTAIN to make you more attractive.

  2. This is so wrong in so many ways.

    I say it a lot - I am happy to be living right now.

  3. Yeah, and one of the things wrong is that creepy recipe for full busted gals...what was suppose to happen anyway?