Thursday, July 1, 2010

You don't know how attractive you can be!

"Truly, you don't know how alluring you can be until you have read this booklet."
"Surely you want more out of life! -attention, admiration, affection. You want to present the real you to those whom you meet. You want to make the most of your features, your skin, your hair, your body, your clothes, to appear at your best always, to be an interesting individual and not just "another person." let me show you how!"

BEFORE-"I was underweight, thin, lacking in energy and vitality," says Mrs. Virginia Lee Higgins of Louisville, Kentucky. "Then, after reading your ad, I decided to take the Powers Home Course to see what it could do for me . . ."

This is a sample of the famous Powers "Photo-Revise" One of 60 individualized features of the Powers Home Course, it showed Mrs. Higgins a new hair style, how to apply her make-up correctly, how to achieve new charm, loveliness.

AFTER-"'Now, my husband calls me his "personal Powers girl"!" says Mrs. Higgins, after completing her easy, 7-week Power Home Course in which she learned, in the privacy of her own home, the beauty secrets that have made "Powers Girls" famous.

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