Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Build Your Own Best Silhouette 1956 Underwear!

"The way your dress fits depends on the foundation you wear and different types of clothes require different styles of underpinning. The all-in-one, for instance, gives the unbroken line you need under sheaths; a lightweight girdle and bra may he enough for fuller dresses. When you buy a dress, fit it over the right foundation, wear it that way for your best silhouette."

"The slim sheath - most important fashion of the year. This one, by Luis Estivez for Grenelle, has an intricate strapped neckline, is evening dress or sun dress, depending on its fabric. Perfection under it, a strapless long-line Warner corselette with waistline less indented than it would have been last year. And a nylon tricot sheath petticoat from Gracette.

The wide skirt-seen this year mostly in after-five dresses. Under this geranium-printed silk by Anne Klein for Junior Sophisticates, You wear one of the new petticoats that have body without stiffness, in nylon marquisette and lace, from Gracette; scalloped three-way bra, worn strapless, and two-way stretch panties, both from Gossard, are all the support needed."

"Middle-of-the-road fashion - the slender dress with moderately full skirt, in lightweight worsted, smart for a woman of any age. Leonard Arkin. Comfortable for anyone but especially useful to the woman whose flesh is beginning to soften, this all-in-one from Flexees, made of one-way-stretch leno elastic, with elastic satin panels at front, back and side for special hip control. The nylon tricot slip is cut on modified princess lines. Van Raalte."

"The high waistline-an incoming fashion, shown here in Adele Simpson's high-rising skirt with matching bolero and tiny blouse. This costume's long lines are good for the short-waisted young figure; underneath, it needs a light girdle like like one above with crisscross elastic sections to firm the hip, an embroidered bra, both from Peter Pan. Sleek, slit nylon tricot petticoat from Trillium."


  1. This is very timely - was just having a bit of discussion over at my blog about my modern shape not fitting into these old dress sillhouettes, specifically the sheath! I guess I'll need a strapless long-line corselette.
    Thank you!

  2. I remember wearing these girdles in the 1950s and 60. I remember that firm control girdles and long line bras were very uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Today, i don't think girls would put up wth the restricted movements and continual discomfort. (even with the discomfot of today's tight jeans and ultra uplift bras: