Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Choose The Right Foundation For You - More 1956 Underwear!

"Build Your Own Best Silhouette"

"Today foundation garments are designed for individual figure types and fitted as never before-all the way from lightweights for juniors to garments with built-in corrective features. They take account of high, waists, low waists, wide hips and narrow, bust sizes from AA to D. It's all done to make sure that you can find the garments that are exactly right for your figure."

"Three-way bra of white opaque nylon taffeta, with a frosting of lace at the bosom. About $6. Pretty and light, a step-in girdle of nylon power net with shaped center panel of lace over satin. About $11. Jantzen."


Choosing the right foundation can be a pretty perplexing job. You can save some of the salesgirl's time and your own if you go into the store knowing whether you are short- or long-waisted and what your bust, waist and hip measures are. This is the way to take your measurements: 1. Bust size. Hold a tape measure directly below the bust, then add 5 inches for your true size. Cup sizes for your bra may best be determined by the fitter. 2. Hip size. Make sure that you measure the fullest part of the hip. This is usually about 8 inches below the waist. 3. Waist size. Take a loose measure for accuracy. 4. Short waist? Long waist? Measure from directly below the bust to the waist to find out if you're short (3-4 inches), medium (5-6 inches) or long (6 1/2-7 inches). 5. Girdle length. A measure from waist to directly below the fullest part of the thigh will give you the right length. (This is important - a too-short girdle will ride up, a too-long girdle bind.) This measurement has nothing to do with your height.


1. Move about in the garment and sit down-your flesh expands when you move or are seated. 2. Do not buy a size too small - this creates new bulges. 3. If your flesh is firm, you'll need less control than you will if it tends toward flabbiness. You'll find this out as the middle years come on. 4. A well-fitted girdle should control without causing a bulge or roll and without riding up.


Each type of foundation has a definite purpose. The all-in-one smooths away the bulges and gives a clean unbroken line that's especially good under slim dresses. High-waisted girdles paired off with long-line bras also give a smooth line and solve a special problem for women with full hips and small bust or large bust and average hip size (separates that suit your specific needs). For really firm control in the hip area there are lightweight garments with elastic panels at front, back and both sides. This eliminates the discomfort of heavy boning."


  1. Cool! I've been to a lingerie party where they had a bra fitter there. It wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it was going to be. I just can't fit into that bra anymore that I bought...

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  3. I wear girdles all the time now, they're very comfy,nice to wear, no problem at all.
    But I'm used to them and wear the correct fit. It's really all about getting into the right frame of mind, accepting a girdle as something that you need as I did - I've had no problem since then.
    Sometimes people will notice part of my girdle, maybe a hem showing through, maybe a panel seam, they usually don't say anything and if they do I just ignore it or reply, "oh well, is that so? "
    I actually feel good confined now, it's very snug and you get a nice hug up under your bottom, and it's great to see your belly gone and a satin panel where it was.
    Stockings are essential to anchor my girdle, yes it's all quite strange but as I say you get used to it after a while, and even get to the stage that you can miss all the support after you take it off.
    All I feel is a firmness, a nice firmness, love the way it holds my belly and holds me all around.
    It makes me walk differently, sit up straight, and can't bend so well, have to bend at the knees, a bit awkward going up steps and stairs so I'm lucky I live in a nice bungalow.
    I'd recommend wearing a girdle for everybody with a bit of a belly, woman or male - they have male girdles called mirdles now, men are catching up with us women at last, shows we were always right:-)

    1. As a male I know exactly what you are talking about - I have always felt girdles have always been a "Women's Best Kept Secret". About 4 years ago I decided to look into wearing a girdle, I located a Professional Corsetiere for a fitting. Honestly I was completely amazed - before the fitting she asked me about my life style am I active am I not active. This had lot to do with the make and model girdle I should be in. She then measured my hips and waist and she recommended a long legged high waist boned and zippered panty girdle Rago 6210. The corsetiere then had to teach me how to properly put on a girdle, by laying down on a bed leaning way back and pulling up the girdle then hooking up the hooks and eyes. I was amazed when I stood up how great I really felt all over being al held in and supported. She then had to teach me to keep my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely on the girdle, this does take some getting use to, but well worth it. The corsetiere also recommended to develop a daily routine, wake up clean up and put on a girdle everyday. I found to my pleasant surprise following what she told me it doesn't take long but you really get so use to being girdled and you love how you look and feel all supported and held in. I found I had dramatic increase in energy and confidence and I am completely amazed. Now as a male I wear a girdle everyday and will never go without being in a girdle.

  4. I completly agree girdles are very comfortable, but the key I found was to find a professional corsetier for fitting and some consulting. The right kind of make and model girdle has lots to do with your life style and the shape of your body. In my case I have a small tummy just from age and as I became older my tummy muscles became weaker even with exercise. My belly effected my posture. In my case my life style I am very active but for work I sit behind a computer. This told the corsetier I needed to daily be in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. In order to wear this type of girdle I had to first learn to keep my tummy muscles always relaxed and let the girdle hold and support me, this took a few weeks. The corsetier also had me develop a routine habit of dailly waking up cleaning up and putting on a girdle and then going on with my day. She had to also teach me the right way to put on a girdle to get the most benefit of being girdled, by laying down leaning way back and pulling up the girdle then hooking up the hooks and eyes. I found to my pleasant surprised after I followed what the corsetier told me with in a few weeks I love wearing a girdle every day, I am amazed how great I feel. I also found once use to wearing a girdle I now wear a girdle even when just relaxing around the house. You are also correct about males - to me a girdle has always been a "A Women's Best Kept Secret" and now males are starting to learn about this secret.

  5. As I became older I started to get a bit of a belly. My belly effected my posture my clothes did fit right, and lower back pains. I found a solution was to locate a professional corsetier for consulting and fitting in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle Rago 6210. It took some getting use to but now I love wearing a girdle every day, I found I have dramatic increase in energy and confidence, no more lower back pains, and a nice firm flat belly that is well supported. I am amazed and wish I had been girdled years ago.

    I found that it is best to try and find a professional corsetier for a fitting and some consulting, there is some learning.

    The right kind of girdle has a lot to do with your life sytle and the level of your activity.

    It also takes some learning how to put on a girdle, lie down on your bed lean way back pull up your legs and knees pull up your girdle then hook up the hooks and yes and pull up the zipper and stand up. You will be completly amazed as to the effects of being really supported and held in. You will noticed a dramatic increase in energy and confidence.

    Keep you belly always relaxed that is very important, just let the girdle hold and support you.

    Develop a daily routine, wake up each and every morning clean up and put on a girdle. Keep in mind wearing a girdle is not always for getting all dressed up but a girdle can also be worn with shorts and sweats and just relaxing around the house.

    Keep a open mind towards wearing a girdle it does take a little time to get use to a few days to even a few weeks. Wearing a decent girdle is very much like breaking in a new pair of shoes once you break in those new pair of shoes you really love them.

    If you would like to discuss girdles and corsets come and visit up at

  6. I to wear a girdle all of the time. It took finding a male friendly professional corsetier to get the right kind of fitting and some help with consulting. Like you I have a bite of belly being in a girdle my belly is now well supported and held in. I found that wearing a girdle every day my posture is much improved sitting standing. I like you really do need a girdle and your are correct about the frame of mind. I had to also learn how to keep those belly muscles always relaxed and let the girdle just hold and support me. You are correct everybody could benefit from wearing a girdle, there is no doubt about it.

  7. As I became older as you call it I have a bit of belly, I also have a mild case of scolosis. I have tried exercise and diet. I tried a male girdle and it did not do what I needed. I finally decided to find a Professional Corsetier for some advise and a fitting, best thing I ever did. She fit me in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle Rago 6210, she also helped me with advise and support to become use to being in a girdle daily. I followed what she told me I found I do love the firmness and the being held in and supported. It does take a little getting use to but trust as you discovered it is really well worth it, I am now girdled about 16 to 18 hours everyday and I love how I look and feel, I am amazed. Yes I still have a bit of belly but my belly is now fully supported and no longer bothers me with bad posture and lower back pains.
    You are also correct you take the girdle off and something seriously feels missing, you do become quite use to the support.