Monday, January 16, 2012

Fabulous Colors For Fabulous Knits- 70's Fantasy Flowers

We are getting ready for a snow storm which we don't really do here in Seattle, but it put me in mind of sweaters. Then I found these hippy chick knits for you to make.
(If anybody really wants instructions I'll try to accomodate you, but I'm not sure this sort of thing should be encouraged.)

Knitted patchworks play a visual game on a color-sliced cardigan that rides atop a pair of matching pants. Garter stitch strips knit in varying colors are joined with strips of crochet. Pants, knit in the round, have a drawstring waist, crocheted trim at bottom. Coats & Clark's Red Heart Knitting Worsted.

Multipatterned vest is knit in one piece. Patterns are traditional Scandinavian designs-hearts, flowers, roosters, and little people. Coats & Clark's Knitting Worsted.

Yoked pullover, a mosaic delight, is worked in the round to underarms. The sleeves, worked separately, are then joined to complete the yoke. Coats & Clark's Knitting Worsted.

Stripes and patches pattern a wrap skirt that may be made in any length, any width. "Patched" strips are knit, then joined with bright crochet. Coats & Clark's Knitting Worsted.

At-home warmth is reflected in an elongated knit that will go anywhere. Same motif, worked in different colors, gives a multipattern effect. Drawstring waist lets you nip it in as much as you like. Of Bucilla Superwash Knitting Worsted.

A long, long column of single crochet-the perfect field for the blossoming of super-sized flowers! Quick to work up, dress has a back zipper for a trim fit. Simple-stitch embroidery is done in the same yarn. Bernat Knitting Worsted.

Curl up under a shower of flowers! Giant blooms splash over a four-paneled afghan that is easy-and quick-to make. Each panel is worked in single crochet; then all are joined with a crocheted fagoting stitch. Of Bernat Knitting Worsted.

Two little maids in a row wear pinafores that are just as pretty coming or going! Flower sprays-each slightly different-continue around the back of each for a posied hemline. Work both the same in single crochet with a picot edging; then embroider the flowers she likes the best. Of ColumbiaMinerva Knitting Worsted.


  1. Great colors!!! I would like to find some new sweater for me with this "happy" colors :D

  2. LOL! That vine dress is a kill!
    But I could really go for those little girl dresses... How cute!

  3. I'm curiously attracted to "Yoked pullover, a mosaic delight" and those pinafores are darling! If my mother could crochet, I'm sure I would have been wearing one of those at that age.

  4. Wow! those are something else. I actually do really like the little girls' dresses though.... would make a fab (somewhat mad) skirt !