Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Space Flower Swim Suit Coordinates - DeWeese Designs

And now for something completely different..."Space Flowers" Swim Suit Coordinates by DeWeese Designs.
This photo is undated but it screams 60's...Twiggy would have worn this I'm sure.
I hope this brings you Island Magic and Happiness!

DEWEESE DESIGNS brings Island Magic and Happiness for leisure hours in "SPACE FLOWERS" swim suit coordinates. Lusternit 'Bibkini' for petite young figures and the skirted Polyester jersey suit for any age or size. Patio Pants repeat the 'one-leg' matching floral embroidery to be worn with either suit in Brown/Yellow or Royal Blue/Azure. Brief Swim Suit #2309 - $30.00 Skirt Swim Suit #1327 - $32.00 Pant #6247 - $24.00


  1. Love the Swim Suit! ^___^

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  2. That's serious flower power, baby!!

  3. Groovy Chicks!
    (Scary to think they are probably in their 60's themselves now!)

  4. Swim suits worn by American women have certainly come a long way since the late nineteen century era, when women had to cover up by wearing specially designed woolen swim dresses. Modesty had to be upheld at all costs, and trying to stay afloat wearing this type of swim suit would have been so very difficult as all the layers became waterlogged.