Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Choose the Bold Look of Black and White - 1960

We have more of our Joan Holloway look-alike, this time with her friends from the 1960 Spring Vogue Pattern Book. This article teaches us "how to be a fashion extrovert...choose the bold look of black and white".
These illustrations are done by 'Larson', probably Esther Larson. If anybody knows more about her please share.
Now let's see what the extroverts were wearing in 1960!

Here, and on the next five pages, a decisive change of pace for now-into-summer dressing . . . scarf-print, domino dots, abstract florals, staccato plaids . . . more dashing than ever in the stark contrast of black and white!

Left, 9970: excitement that starts with black and white, builds momentum by the use of black-bordered scarves-by-the-yard. This is further accented by the voluminous belled skirt of the two-piece dress and the wide sleeves that curve outward. "Easy to Make," 10 to 16.

Opposite, 9950: more of the same sleeve shape, this time funneling into a slim skirt. This is a prime example of the positive approach to fashion . . . so pretty, we've shown it on the cover, too! Sizes 10 to 18. Maxwell's silk surah scarf-fabric harlequin-printed squares. For an extra accent, black silk binding was added around the neck, sleeves. Wide belt, Midtown; Marvella "pearls.

This page, 4100: a shaft of Glen plaid silk surah, perfect with accessories in a town-ish mood,especially this "lampshade" hat in Milan straw. The immaculate whiteness of the jacket is further accentuated by bands of heavy black braid. Ensemble in sizes 10 to 20.

Right, 9954: a sleeveless dress with a billowy skirt, the back prophetically bared and topped with a well-sleeved jacket. Sizes 10 to 18. This more-black-than-white look goes effortlessly into town and country evenings. The final touch-stark white baroque "pearls" circlida the throat.

Opposite, 9947: probably the most dashingly feminine way to look at home since the age of the tea gown, these conversation-piece culotte-pajamas in soft, fluid silk, imprinted with newsy freeform circles. Here, sashed in ebony silk, jacketed in charcoal. In sizes 10 to 18.

Right, 9895: hothouse flowers that could only grow on silk, printed in crisp black-on-white and blooming here on floor-length at-home separates. The collar, a graceful sweep of more flowers, tucked, face-flattering. The cummerbund wraps a waistline to slender stem width. Sizes 10 to 16.


  1. To think sweatpants have replaced an ensemble such as the one above. What a shame.

  2. Ah, but these can be had...each one is a vintage Vogue pattern and you can be any of these ladies. Well, you have to be tall, slim, and have wasp waists, but other than that...

  3. Just found your blog and so glad I did--just love it!

    1. Oh, thanks so much for saying so. I have been busy forever getting my new web site (for my store) ready that I'm afraid blogging has slowed down. But I have some terrific stuff to share so stick around!