Thursday, May 31, 2012

Which Woman's On Her Way To Being Hated?

Which Woman's On Her Way To Being Hated? Well, it's clearly Helen. She spreads rumors, she schemes, she tries to 'outsmart' the food rationing rules, and she's "completely baffled, my dear!" by the arithmetic of point rationing. While our heroine Paula spreads help, she studies, she makes the greatest possible use of unrationed foods, she is more concerned about how much she can contribute to the success of the program. She even goes to the government sponsored demonstrations at the High School on ways to serve well balanced meals under rationing. (Now most of the women on the block are going with her!)

Yep, that Helen is headed for trouble. After all "people who are busy winning a war don't find dimwits amusing!"


  1. Now that is one catchy headline!

  2. I'm afraid it's hard to read, but the idea gets through...don't be like Helen! After all this is a "real life fable"!

  3. WWII propaganda for the masses then. Sorta like today.