Monday, May 14, 2012

A Family of Fobs

A Family of Fobs, or Bookmarks, Lamp-Pulls, Pincushions, Embroidery Designs.

"These fascinating fobs may be embroidered on the pocket of the blouse or suit, or even on the collar of one's coat. The faces, hair, and neck treatment may either be embroidered on the fabric, and the ribbon left hanging below, or they may be made separately. The faces, neck, and shoulders be made of kid or a tightly woven silk such as radium, taffeta, or satin. The faces can be transferred to the fabric by tracing over the lines with carbon paper between this page and the cloth. The lines of the faces may be embroidered or inked in, the cheek tinted with water-color, and the hair made with silk or wool of a suitable shade. Where ruffs are shown, these may be added of ribbon or lace. The ornamentation on the front of the figures may be embroidered on the ribbon, or the ribbon may be trimmed with the additional contrasting ribbon for vestees, or with buttons as indicated. The bottom of the ribbon may be gathered into a bead or ornament, or tassels may be added.

These sketches can be used as bookmark suggestions as well. The heads, necks, and shoulders may be cut out of bristol board, inked and colored, and a narrower section of the bristol board cut and placed between the two pieces of ribbon. You can cut two tiny points for the feet and leave them to protrude from between the two pieces of ribbon. You can get some charming color effects if two different widths of ribbon and two different colors are used. These ribbons can be tacked together or cemented together with adhesive. A bow or ruff of ribbon at the neck will cover the bristol board and the raw edges of ribbon at the neckline."

Lamp - Pulls Pincushions Embroidery Designs
These designs can also be used as a finishing touch to the lamp-pull, instead of the metal chain, or as pincushions that are hung on the wall or on the mirror frame, or as embroidery designs on pockets and bags. If used as pincushions, the under piece of ribbon must be well padded with lamb's wool or felt. If used for embroidery designs on pocket and bags, the faces should be embroidered right on the pocket or bag, and the ribbon left to hang free. The ribbon can be lengthened or shortened, and can be of a color to harmonize with the background. These heads can also be used without the ribbons as hat ornaments and trimmings for pincushions, powder puffs, and nursery accessories."

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