Monday, May 21, 2012

Joan Holloway Look-a-Like!

When I saw this cover I stopped in my's Joan Holloway! Well, it isn't, but wow, she's a dead ringer. Actually this Vogue Pattern Book is from the spring of 1960, a few years before Mad Men, but I figure Joan had a few things in her closet. Like this Vogue pattern 9950, "A dress with the newest silhouette this spring - the cornucopia sleeve. Black-and-white silk surah by Maxwell; Midtown patent belt. Marvella earrings."

We don't have the models name, but the photographer is Carmine Schiavone, who was a very famous photographer of many models. I'm quite sure Joan Holloway would have been a fan!


  1. At first I thought Suzy Parker, but now I'm not so sure... I know I've seen this model before tho. Go redheads!

  2. I wish I knew who she was. But it's all about that figure and the attitude,
    or maybe it's those "cornucopia sleeves"!

  3. I also vote for Suzy Parker in bad lighting that flattens her face too much! This is late in her career, so she might look a bit different from the many earlier looks:
    (I found more to compare here:

  4. I think we have a winner! I looked at your link and it not only is her face, but she did lots of Vogue pattern work.
    As to the lighting, that yellow is pretty close to the actual cover, don't know who could stand up to that!

  5. Thanks for this. The model is actually Isabella Albonico-- I'm planning a post on her soon. Maybe she was an inspiration for Joan...