Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Look Of Spring - Box Coat And Reefer - 1943 McCalls Magazine

A selection of coat styles from the April 1943 McCalls Magazine with very different shapes. Gals could choose from two quite extreme shapes, very slim and fitted or very loose. And not much in between. The term Reefer jacket is more familiar to most of us as a Pea Coat, there have been many versions of the classic style and it's popularity in the forties was to be expected, military influences were everywhere in women's fashion.

These illustrations are signed Jean De Vigne who I can find listed as an illustrator on some book covers, but no other details. Any ideas?

THE SEERSUCKER SUIT is a grand institution. This black-and-white one has the short length jacket, and a skirt eased by kick pleats stitched along the edge to keep them crisp. Wear it with blouses or dickeys. No. 5244.

THE SEMI-FITTED REEFER at the right, and turning its back to you above, will soon start collecting admirers. It is just a shade more mannish than most reefers. And this cut makes it wonderful for bulky tweeds. No. 5248.

THE BOXY SHORTIE in yellow wool is a very gay little sports coat which you put on over your suit on shivery days, and wear with shorts, slacks, and extra skirts during the summer. It's double breasted, No. 5247.

COAT OF MANY USES - It is the boxy one shown here twice. Make it as long as the beige, and it is a coat you can use for spring, summer and fall. Make it as brief as the red, and this is a toss-on shortie which you can wear with suits, slacks, shorts and all extra skirts. No. 5242.

CLASSIC COAT FOR TOWN WEAR - It is the reefer, of course. The spring reefer above can be a fall reefer too, if you choose the right color. It is fitted by flattering long, narrow panels, which make one's figure as slim as slim. Good sharp collar, set-in pockets. No. 5211.

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