Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Manikin Model Dolls - 1943

This is a Manikin doll, probably Peggy McCall. You can learn more about these dolls here.
These are hard to find...and not cheap when you do see them. (I know, I've wanted one for years) And actually while they were suppose to teach and encourage young sewers, in fact doll clothes are hard! Ever try to sew tiny, tiny little sleeves into a tiny, tiny little armhole? I suggest leaving doll clothes to the much more experienced sewist, let's not discourage the youngsters!
This was written by Elisabeth May Blondel, a writer and editor for McCall's.

"Learning to fit and make pretty clothes on a modern fashion model means that half the battle's won to young sewers when they come to make their own. Glamor clothes, slacks, dirndls, etc. (1058) look adorable on such fashion models, which are usually about 12 1/2 to 20 inches high."

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