Friday, June 1, 2012

1943 Spring and Summer Wardrobe - McCalls Magazine

We have two pages from McCall's Magazine from April, 1943. Don't miss the hairdos, the gloves, and the hats. Oh, those hats!

One illustration is signed by Blanch Rothschild, who I could only find listed as an American Artist - 1893-1988.

This is a Spring Wardrobe.
The first set include the aqua dress, that is "especially for those who say, 'I can't wear shirtfrocks, they are too severe'. You can wear this one." The dotted crepe, "worn with town accessories, it looks like a soft suit." The Navy with "lingerie touches" has a "swing-over neckline."

To Keep for Summer
There are plenty of details to enjoy here, but I have to admit I think the gray with the contrast bodice does it for me. But maybe I'm influenced by her cute little hat. They do say that it is "a wonderful idea for getting one new dress out of two old ones". Remember this was wartime. The red dress "uses the border edge at the hemline only, which is smart of it.". The blue dress uses eyelet and it is "A good shoulder-broadening style. Use a piece of leftover material, printed or striped, can be used up smartly for yokes and sleeves, as in the white dress".


  1. I love the dresses but what is with the red hat centre first picture, were they off to a coven somewhere, slightly be-whitch in style.

  2. With all the wartime austerity measures going on what about hats? I guess some gal made their own or made over old ones, but having the right hat was important. What did they do?
    I do know turbans came into fashion, in part because working women needed something easy. But what else was going on hat-wise?