Saturday, June 2, 2012

Plenty of Pleats - To Take Back to Collage -1943

Another look at some fabulous forties fashion, reminding us that shoulder details are "where they do the figure some real good", the black dress has pleats but the "skirt width is strictly legal" and the light green is a "never-out-of-style frock", and they may be right!

For Collage gals the "peplum is the big attraction". But to wear the navy dress "you have to be young". The yellow dress looks "particularly nice on girls with curls". And of course the pink print is "pretty, summery looking, cool. Of course!


  1. It's the Navy one that catches my eye. That's what I think I look like when I go shopping. But huh, I don't. ;-)

  2. My favorite is the navy blue with the red hat! Unfortunately, pleats are not so flattering on me....



  3. Well, as long as we don't care which one would look good on US, I pick the pink one. I like the waist. I haven't seen mine in awhile. :-)