Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fashion Notes from Paris - 1931

Fashion Notes from Paris for the stylish woman in 1931. It's good to know that "No drastic revisions in silhouette are necessary, so one may devote one's time to the many interesting details of a wardrobe..."
It's interesting just how important the Paris influence was. You needed to pay attention to color choices, fabric choices, and make sure everything matched.
Some of those important details included; a Square Pochette to cary with your Walking Suit, two neck-line collars for older women, but apparently a fur necktie could be worn by younger gals. In fact she could wear a fur cape and muff and a bowler hat if it was made in taffeta and jersey. And don't miss the "twin" front line jacket that has a collar and skirt added by zippers to make a "full length wrap".
Some of these would dress up a wardrobe today!


  1. Tina- I am enjoying your blog very much. All these items you show remind me of photos of my grandmother.

  2. I'm thinking your Grandmother must have a stylish lady!

  3. I do love the 1930s styles! It's just a small part of why I'm obsessed with the interwar period. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I hadn't heard the term 'interwar' period before, but it's useful.
    Learn something new everyday,