Monday, October 29, 2012

Paris Makes New Style Points with Seamings - 1929

From McCall's Magazine in September 1929 these evening gowns are the latest thing from Paris, but of course you bought the pattern to make these at home.
But it's all about points, hemline points, waistline points, neckline points, they are L'Echo De Paris!

"There are always details that date a new Paris frock as belonging to the season just beginning instead of the one coming to an end, and pointed treatments are just such a detail in the new French showings. Almost every designer uses them in some form or other, yet there is no uniformity because the points are used in ways as original as the lines of the dresses themselves. In one frock on this page, the points are a minor detail, used to suggest a higher waistline in an evening gown of stiff silk. In the other frock, pointed effects are the theme of the dress, with pointed seamings, a pointed cape collar and dipping hemline."

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