Sunday, October 28, 2012

L'Echo De Paris - Fabulous Styles from 1929

More wonderful Parisian inspired frocks from McCall's Magazine, September 1929. You could choose wool but consider if it is appropriate in your "steam-heated American house". After all, Suitability is the important thing to keep in mind.
As always don't miss the details; these are 'cleverly seamed and pleated' with 'curved seaming' and 'slightly draped' necklines. Plenty to challenge the seamstress.

"PARIS is creating more and more frocks for daytime of light weigh woolen fabrics, some of them frocks that accompany a coat of the same material to form an ensemble and others that are intended to be worn alone or with a scarf or fur. They are of such light woolen that they overcome the usual objection to woolen frocks in steam-heated American houses, and being so light, they are made in models that are equally attractive made up in silks."

"SUITABILITY to the person who is to wear it and to the occasion when it will be worn is the rule that governs French daytime frocks, so the tailored fashions that form the smartest costumes for daytime include all types. One may have a soft feminine type of tailored, frock with a circular skirt and a bow at the neck and waist, or a frock with crisp pleats, tailored in every detail. Or frocks that compromise by having tailored lines, and soft feminine details."

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