Thursday, October 4, 2012

More 1924 Fashions - Graduation Frocks, Wash Dresses and Clothes for the Younger Generation.

Frocks for Graduation, simple wash dresses and what to put on the children are all addressed in the Good Housekeeping magazine from May, 1924. Remember; "Simplicity should mark the dress for graduation, but the Class Day and Promenade frocks may be more elaborate." (What were Class and Promenade days? And why could they be fancier?)
"Not so many years ago, women who wanted attractive, smart wash dresses had to make them themselves. So it was with children's clothes - only by having them made especially for her could the mother be sure of dainty materials and hand stitchery."
Luckily they go on to explain that you could now find them in shops with well-known trade-marks. So much easier!

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  1. At the high school where I teach, we have a class night which is musical presentations and spoken pieces, kind of like a talent show. Our kids dress up for that.