Monday, September 14, 2009

"It's Easy To Make An Ottoman" - 1941

Since I'm thinking you have more energy this week than I do (pass the orange juice and asprin, please), you go right ahead and make an Ottoman...cover it with something fantastic and then invite us all over for tea. Of course you'll need to have a "woman who is clever with the needle, aided by the man who is handy with tools".
This is from "Sewing Book 1" by Ruth Wyeth Spears, this booklet is from 1941. This one seems to have a lot of household projects, so get ready to transform your home.

"The woman who is clever with the needle, aided by the man who is handy with tools, can make this ottoman for almost nothing. The foundation is a 4-inch deep wooden box as at A. For legs, use lengths of wood cut two inches square, which you can obtain from any carpenter or lumberman, or cut down a set of legs from an old table to the correct size.

Cotton batting is needed for padding. Use six layers on the top, cutting the first layer 4 inches smaller all around than the top of the box, and the others each a little larger than the one underneath; cut a piece to go over the top and ends, as at C, another to go over the top and sides as at D. Stretch a piece of muslin over the padding, cutting the corners as at E. Sew as at F, tack the bottom as at G.

The ottoman cover may be finished with a frill, to match a slip-covered chair, or a tailored effect may be achieved with braid or fringe."

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