Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jiffy Stocking Baby - Use 29¢ Stockings!

This is from a old beat-up transfer sheet, but I wanted to salvage this project. I am giving you lots to make this week...I'll just sit back with my tea and kleenex while you work. Have fun!

"Jiffy Stocking Baby - For the bazaar or for baby's own pleasure, make this doll quickly from one white stocking. Any size cotton stocking may be adapted to plan. The one used here was a man's size 11, white sock. Cost 29¢ a pair at local dimestore. Steps 1 and 2 are self explanatory, stocking uncut, then cut. Step 3 shows face traced and embroidered or painted on front of stocking toe (in natural colors). Face is located about 3 inches from top. Stuff head and body with any available filler. Neck is made by wrapping tightly and occasionally stitching sewing thread around stocking. Stuff legs and complete with blindstitched seam closing. 4 inch cotton pieces cut for arms are stitched down sides and across ends, turned and stuffed. Unfinished end is turned in and arm is blindstitched in position on body.
Cut two pieces for bonnet. 1 inch hem in front (9 inch edge) of 9 inch by 3 inch strip, and gather opposite 9 inch length to fit rounded part of bonnet back. Turn seams inside. Cut 16 inch length bias binding, bind bottom of bonnet as shown leaving extra lengths for bonnet ties. Gather face to front edge. Cut piece for dress on fold using diagram for cutting guide. Cut 3 inch "splits" for armholes. Cut two sleeves, seam under arm, and stitch into dress with pointed end of sleeve even with neck edge. Close seam down center back, 1/2 inch hem sleeves and bottom edge of dress. Turn neck edge under in 1/2 inch hem. Gather neck tight with ribbon through neck hem. Tie bow at back of neck."

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