Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seat Covers For Dining Chairs - 1941

Another swell project from Ruth Wyeth Spears, from Sewing Book 1, 1941. These could be very formal or jaunty and cheerful...whatever you want!

"Give your dining room chairs a fresh start with seat covers of substantial, firmly woven cotton material. A plain color in an interesting weave or a fabric with a small figure is most suitable.

To make a pattern for the covers, place a sheet of paper on the seat and press it down along the chair edges to make an imprint of the seat outline. When using this pattern add a 2-inch seam allowance as at A. A straight band covers the wood frame at the sides, and a narrow fringe or frill may finish the bottom.

Give the covers a professional finish with welted seams. The cable cord for the welting is covered with bias strips of the material or with bias trim as at B. This is basted to the right side as at C, and then stitched as at D. A finished welted seam appears at E. Tapes are sewn to the inside of the front corners to be tied around the legs. Snap fasteners are used for the closings."