Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paris Frocks At Home - 1930 (Part 1)

This week we are going to look at "Paris Frocks At Home" a book put out by Butterick in 1930. This has general sewing advice and lots of encouragement for using patterns, especially Butterick Delineator patterns, of course. There is quite a bit about keeping up with the newest Paris fashions, so here's a few of their suggestions for making over your old wardrobe.

"It has always been true: costumes individually created have that indefinable quality of charm that never fails to win interest and approval."

Make a Parisian wardrobe from your good American dresses.

"As each new season approaches you will want to survey the possibilities of the clothes you have on hand. It seems a pity to discard a favorite frock. We would suggest that you bold over promising frocks to study what can be done to make them conform to the new season's fashions.
Last year's afternoon frock that is too short for this year of grace can be dropped low from a yoke of lace to make a stunning Sunday night frock with angel sleeves. The vogue for tunics is a blessing to those of us who have hoarded knee length frocks. Skirts that seemed a total loss can now be lowered to decent length on bodice tops and combined with a new tunic blouse of lame or satin, or you can reverse the English and make a knee-length tunic of a too short frock, combining it with a new skirt. (Ill. 154.) You can make an ankle length dance frock by cutting off last year's dipping hemline evenly below the knees and adding an 18" band of tulle."

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