Friday, September 25, 2009

Paris Frocks At Home - 1930 (Part 3)

The French bow knot.
"This same type of strip may be tied in a soft knot and used at the point of a V neckline with a collar of similar material tucked at the neckline to fit around the curve at the back of the neck and over the shoulder."

The lingerie touch.
"It is surprising how much a fresh lingerie touch in the form of a bow or a collar will do to modernize last season's dress. The Deltor is full of unusual suggestions for making the little collars and cuffs, bandings and chic lingerie bows that look so casual and so truly French. The mannequins on this page show two smart versions of the lingerie bow. Cut a straight strip of organdie, voile or batiste. Roll and whip or make a narrow hem around the four edges. You may have them picoted if you wish but hand work on lingerie details is always more desirable. Now make two bound vertical slits on the front of your blouse and gather your hemmed strip through the center and thread it through the slits. (Illustration 158.)"


  1. I need to start getting more sleep; the first time I read the first caption I thought it said "French-fried bowknot."

  2. Well, using french fries would be innovative and we are all about letting your creative urges out. ;-)