Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beginner's Luck - Easy Vogue Fashions from 1953

Just look at these very cool Vogue patterns from 1953...choose your favorite!

""Sewing bees" are back in favor...with a honey of a reason! Joining friends for an afternoon or evening of needlework is so sociable and so common-sensible. Beginners in the teen and young-married set, and experts, too, tell us of pooling talent and equipment - steam iron, button-hole attachment, sleeve board, even a group baby-sitter. Everyone gets more done at less cost, and pinning up and fitting are so easy with friends to help. These patterns are easy in any case, for either a first-timer or a practiced hand. Not only simple to make, all are so beautiful they put sewing bees in our bonnet. We can't choose one favorite; we think you'll want to sew them all up."
By Nora O'Leary - Pattern Editor of the Journal

What could be prettier than a slim camel-color wool-gabardine dress? Note the easy-to-fit dropped shoulder, trim round collar. "Easy to Make" Vogue Design No. 8107, 12 to 20.

Separates are a "natural" for a beginner. Try a pretty wool-jersey blouse, Vogue Design No. 8054, 12 to 20. Quaint flowered corduroy skirt, No. 8109. Both "Very Easy to Make".

Practical "winter cotton" in a short sleeve classic. Vogue Design No. 7768, 12 to 20. Angora-and-wool jersey bolero, stripe lining. No. 7912, 12 to 20. Both "Easy to Make".

For quick results...for your first try...a simple skirt cut in four gores. Search for a wonderful plaid, wear it with your favorite sweater. "Very Easy to Make" skirt, No. 8092.

For your first fall dress make a brown-and-white tweed. This dress is bound with braid. "Very Easy to Make" Vogue Design No. 8108, 12 to 20. The fringed stole, No. 8101.

This navy serge could be made in an afternoon. The ribbing, available in dime stores, looks professional. Add novelty belt. "Easy to Make" Design No. 8083, 12 to 20. Hat, No. 7929.

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  1. Wonderful pics! I especially love the green sweater number