Saturday, November 21, 2009

For Women Who Demand The Newest! - More Hats from Chicago Mail Order Catalog 1933

"Winning Style - Wonder Value"
"Lillian Bond - Alluring WAMPAS "Starlet" of 1932 is thrilled by our last-minute styles!"
"Sweet Peggy Shannon voices movieland's approval of 'Style Queen' hats"
"It reduces 'overhead' expense while greatly increasing your chic!"
"Dorthy Wilson - Radio Pictures 1932 Wampas "Starlet" is thrilled at the beauty and value of our 'Style Queen" fashions."
"Down-In-Front is Up In Favor!"

I just love these ads, but I had to find out what WAMPAS stood for. The Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers picked 13 'starlets' each year and then they got to speak with authority about many topics...apparently including ladies hats. But I'm sure they really were thrilled by these...who wouldn't be?

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