Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Dynamic Dash" - more from McCalls Magazine 1934

"Dynamic Dash - is the spirit of design for day".These are just too wonderful..."Mad, merry fashions are in order."

No. 7826. Dashing in the casually careless way of Youth. The collar and the wide plaid bow are the dynamic type of thing that call forth comment from one and all. The cuffs carry on in the spirit of the design.

No. 7848. A triumph of slimness for days when the mood dramatic descends upon you. The neckline forms a capricious bow to give you a naive, well bred air. Sleeves break into contrasting fullness at the elbow.

No. 7843. Long, languorous summer days should find you coolly swept with a picturesque chic. The shoulder yoke describes a casual curve as it cuts a cunning kimono sleeve. Ruffles form a crisp caressing neckline.

No. 7821. You'll need a host of colorful 'daytimes'for the good old summertime. Shoulder capelets lend silhouette symmetry. Short sleeves are casually chic. The skirt is panel plaited and tailored into trimness.

No. 7838. The Tunic silhouette will make you the talk of the Town! It has an eager young swagger and a delightful habit of outlining your best contours. The short sleeve, rolling collar and brisk bow are very chic.

No. 7836. Summer is Courting Time for young feminines who have the right appeal. Mad, merry fashions are in order. This dress creates the correct mood. Dashing, slim, two-piece, it is of the mode of motion.

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