Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Timeless Wardrobe, all for $100.00" 1953

In 1953 dollars you could get all this for under $100.00, now you couldn't get one piece for that...but the rose is still free, because you have chic and wit!

"Combine fashion and personal wisdom and you have
something money can't buy. Combine a bright red coat,
a smoke gray suit, a black faille dress and a simple
gray tweed and you have clothes to take you
anywhere, any time. Consider the delightful factual
sum of money spent, $99.14 and you have a small miracle.
All accessories, even the fashion-conscious cummerbund
taffeta scarf and narrow-silhouette bag are included!

The red rose was handed to you by an admirer-for your chic and your wit."
By Wilhela Cushman - Fashion Editor of the Journal

Beautiful red coat of satiny wool, lined with Milium, $34.00, by Irving Finker. Rayon-velvet beret, $1.59; plastic-calfskin bag, $2.95; gloves, $2.95.

Fashion of gray tweed, a wool-and-rayon dress, with a white collar and black satin bow and belt, $14.95, by Clara Blatt. Rhinestone clips on the beret double for earrings ($1.00). Gloves are washable rayon, $1.00. Gloves are washable rayon, $1.00.

Your afternoon and dinner dress is a separates-fashion in black rayon-and-cotton faille, by Nellie de Grab. Skirt, $8.95; top, $5.95; rayon-satin cummerbund, $1.50; rhinestone pin, 40¢.

Year-round suit of charcoal-gray rayon-and-acetate ribbed weave, $19.95, is worn under the red coat all winter. The rayon-taffeta tie, $1.00, is for the suit or coat. The felt bonnet-cloche, $2.95, is interchangeable with the rayon-velvet beret.

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