Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Girls - Bazaar Magazine 1967

The hour of the Christmas girl:
time to chime with the sudden merriment in the
air, to plunge into a Nutcracker wealth
of fantasy and wit, become the most irresistible
treat under the tree. A blow of organdy, a confetti
whirl of lace. Dress, wrapped and ribboned
to the waist by a lemon leather strip. By Mollie
Parnis, in McConnell lace. At Saks Fifth Avenue; Halle
Brothers, Cleveland; Swanson's, Kansas City. Jack Gilbert
rarrings. Round-the-Clock tights. Delman pumps.

Knickerbocker holiday.
Nervy little uprising knickers, pale gray, spilled
thigh-high around the cuffs; hugged to
the waist by a rose crepe belt beneath a deep-slashed,
ruffled white shirt. By Mr. Mort, in Bloomsburg
crepe of Estron acetate and rayon. About $55.
At Miss Bergdorf of Bergdorf Goodman;
Julius Garfinckel, Washington; Jordan Marsh,
Florida. Kenneth Lane ring. Hanes tights. Protege
pumps. Cover Girl Near-Neon Flashers lipstick.

Aurora's wedding.
Ultra-daring leap into a storybook daze
of lace. Slip of a dress in slithery, white silk crepe,
veiled by a froth coat that buttons with
jewels, flies to width with ice-white stripes and
snow-rose scallops. By Bill Blass for Maurice Rentner.
At Saks Fifth Avenue; Gidding-Jenny, Cincinnati;
Neiman-Marcus. Margaret Jerrold shoes. Tried and True
Hair Color in Dark Ash Blonde by Max Factor.

Christmas on a dazzle current. Pale, electric blue crepe,
kicking up in dinner culottes; charged with the sparks
of silver-splashed bands, zipped up in front
and circuited around the waist by a slender sash.
By Malcolm Starr, in Bloomsburg crepe of Estron
acetate and rayon. At Saks Fifth Avenue; Hutzler's,
Baltimore; L. S, Ayres, lndianapolis. Kenneth Lane
earrings. Adlib shoes. Both pages: Hanes tights.

Winging in feathers.
Christmas mille-feuille: a wild drift of white
plumes caught around the figure,
crushed to the waist by a wide, white calfskin belt
buckled with glisteners. A gay, gumptiony,
bare shoulder dress of evening, to send a
girl dancing with Pavlova's grace. By
Teal Traina. At Lord and Taylor; Stix, Baer and
Fuller, St. Louis; l. Magnin. Cameo tights. l. Miller
pumps. Shoe clip by Kenneth Lane.

Prancing in pink.
A revel suit of velvet and satin, merry to the
moment as holly berries and evergreen.
Claret velvet tunic, U-scooped and close hugged over
a baby shirt and mini-trousers of festive rosy
satin. By Geoffrey Beene. To order at
Lord and Taylor. Hanes tights.
Evins shoes. Star-clip on shoes by Mimi
di N. Cutex Frosted lces nail polish. These pages:
Coiffures and wigs by Elio of L'Equipe.