Sunday, March 6, 2011

Glamour Magazine 1944- The Mobile Coat- Styled Six Ways!

This is a good lesson on how to take any quality basic coat and re-fashion it six different ways. You just need to use your "old fur coat", military braid, wide belts, or ocelot or a shaggy fur cape...great ideas!

The Mobile Coat. Glamour's cure-all for tired-winter-coat blues. Mobile-"quickly responding to any stimulus ...changeable, versatile" (Webster). The perfect year-round, quick-change coat. Photographed here with Calder Mobiles-the fluid sculpture exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. This Botany wool coat with a button-in, quilted lining, has an amazing virtuosity with accessories, as shown below. Fitted, buttoned way down...a fine facade for fur, braid, belts. Gold, red, blue. aqua, green, black. Sizes 10 to 20. $39.95. Altman's, N.Y.; The White House, San Francisco; R. H. White, Boston. Coty's medium lipstick.

1. ADD A FUR FACADE this winter: a weskit and a matching beret made out of your old fur coat.

2. MOOD MILITAIRE. Swing along next spring in epaulets and a jaunty fourragere made of braid.

3. BEDECK WITH BRAID for that extra-festive look. For subtlety, match coat. For drama, contrast.

4. ENLIVEN WITH LEATHER -wide leather belt, huge leather bag, trim walking shoes, a debonair air.

5. FEMINIZE WITH FUR. Ocelot, leopard or stenciled lapin for collar, buttons and gauntlet cuff.

6. SLINC, ON A CAPE or a stole of shaggy, fur ... it's perfect with the unbulky lines of this coat.