Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Woman's Home Companion - 1956 Suits for an Easter Parade

"It's news to wear shades of one color" These are clearly not the wasp-waist look we think of with the fifties...but here in 1956, we can see the sixties coming around the corner.

All pale beige, contrast of textures-a color scheme right for most women. This version is a leather skirt, a leather and tweed jacket-- you can clean the leather with warm water, soap and a damp cloth. Bonnie Cashin for Milton Sills. Strap pump from Deb, bag from Coronet.

Mixture of neutrals-a color scheme that's every woman's fashion. The gray-beige silk suit with high-bloused back, by Montesano & Pruzan, is accented by warm brown-beige in a hat by Amy, a strap pump from Marshall, Meadows & Stewart.

Yellow-most popular high-key color, here used in varying degrees of intensity. Suit in white and yellow tweed mixture from Jablow. Lizard bag from Lucille de Paris, Monet jewelry, tie pump from Bally, bulky hat by Adolfo for Emme..

All-red for the adventurous-dramatic color co-ordination for the woman who can carry it. The coat has a skirt to match; Bardley. Matching shoe from Valentines, is cork-textured leather --smartest material of the year for red shoes. Harmonizing tones in Walter Florell's hat, the alligator bag.

Blues are becoming, turquoise is lovely with gray hair. Shantung suit with polka-dot scarf by Adele Simpson; a straw hat by Sally Victor: linen pumps from Bonwit Teller dyed a deeper shade of turquoise than the suit- a new style note.

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