Thursday, March 10, 2011

Glamour Magazine 1944 - Pregnant? This Is What And What Not To Do

The good thing about 1944 was that there were clear rules to follow, all you had to do was keep track. Just remember that " A smock fairly shouts B-A-B-Y. A dress won't blab the news." Heaven forbid you should forget "No pinhead hats for pregnants. Balance your bulk with width."
See how easy that is?


  1. Too funny - I love it! Must remember these tips if I ever have a baby :-) Sam xox

  2. Thanks for the instruction - but it's about 26 years too late for me. I think I broke one or ten of those rules!

    Why advertise it? Because it is more likely someone will stand up and give you their seat in the train!

  3. Love those instructions! They seem quite a bit different from what moms today wear during their pregnancies: tight tops that really show off the baby-bulge (nothing wrong with that).

    I remember my grandma telling me once about the time she was pregnant in the early 50s in Finland. At that time it was somewhat of a tabo to be showing your pregnancy, nothing tight fitting, always dressing to look slimmer and wearing a maternity girdle. And after the birth one laced corset tight and everything was as before.

    But these are funny and really offer some good advice on how to look elegant while pregnant - especially the rule on holding your knees together!

  4. I have a photo of my mother pregnant with my brother in the late 60s wearing the tightest shortest mini skirt imaginable. She looks pretty trashy ,even by todays standards. Sorry Ma!

    A shame someone didn't send her this guide back then ;)