Saturday, March 26, 2011

Woman's Home Companion -1956 - Spring in New York - Coats and Hats!

"Coats for rain or shine...hats bloom with flowers"

April showers do bring spring flowers but they can also spoil many an Easter parade or party. We know that we cannot do anything about the weather but fortunately something can be done about spring coats. Nowadays they can do double duty as raincoats, day and evening, in such a way that you can be protected as well as pretty. Even such fragile fabrics as linen, brocade and white satin can go out in the rain. And they relegate the Burberry to its proper place-to men.

The five day coats [shown above] in charcoal corduroy, in blue and white checked linen, in yellow burlap, all by Lawrence of London. Black whipcord coat (in center) from Main Street; pink in a finely woven cotton called Element cloth by Bonnie Cashin for Harris. Men's traditional Burberrys from Brooks Brothers.

The five coats shown above are for 5 p.m. and after. Lawrence of London again made three; the butterfly print on shantung, the gold brocade and the white satin. The violet printed taffeta is by Helen Van Vliet for Town Creations; the cape-collared black coat by Bonnie Cashin for Harris.

When the sun does shine in April, it's sunny enough to call for one of the new big, flowery hats. The English garden printed taffeta hat is by Adolfo for Emme; the out-size straw with poppies atid field flowers and the chrysanthemum-petaled toque from John- Frederics; the coral-pink hat trimmed with matching roses is by Lilly Dache, the lavender-blue flowered Manet-type hat is by Sally Victor. Dresses by Karen Stark for Harvey Berin.

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