Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glamour Magazine 1944 - "Textiles At War"

Fabric Dream Of Tomorrow - Heavenly Rayons Today!
The Textron company was making parachutes and they show up in the edges of this lovely illustration. I can't make out the artist's name.

Out of the midst of war's grim necessities will arise the beautiful, amazing new Fashion Fabrics of Tomorrow. From Textron's filmy parachutes and gossamer mountain tents, from the steel-strong fibers of tow ropes for gliders-will come exciting, fabulous new fabrics to adorn you and your home in the new synthetic century ahead. Bathing you in light and loveliness. Protecting you from cold and dampness. Warding off staining and fading. Beautiful, fragile and fantastically enduring! In the glamorous fabric world of tomorrow- remember the new name Textron!

To inspire your scissors today, Textron offers you for divinely draping evening gowns and blouses, for slim, sleek underthings- luxurious Textron Satins of finest rayon. For tailored suits and coats there are exclusive Textron Lining Twilis and Serges of rayon. Glorious lengths of fine, firm weaves in the most flattering and exciting colors. You can be lovely as a dream today-in Textron!

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