Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make Rick-Rack Jewelry!

I love me some rick-rack, but usually we see it on clothing. Here's a way to use it to make charming little flowers, leaves and buds. Decorate everything!
Think of the sweet gifts you could make, mixing the colors and sizes to make these very personal and special. Have fun!

This pattern contains complete diagrams and instructions for making rick-rack jewelry. Suggestions are given for other accessory uses.

1/2 inch rick-rack in desired color or colors; household cement; thread-, earring backs; pearls or rhinestones for centers; copper screen wire for corsage stems; 1/4 inch ribbon for necklace or bracelet.
CUTTING RICK-RACK: For each flower, cut two pieces of rick-rack so that when ends are pasted together there are 18 points on each side. For each leaf, cut -1 piece of rick-rack so that there are 5 points when finished. For each bud, cut 2 pieces of rick-rack so that there are 4 points when finished.
MAKING FLOWERS: Join strips of rick-rack by overlapping ends and securing them with clear household cement. When cement is dry, cut away excess overlap on both sides. Lay one circle of rickrack inside the other as shown in Detail 1. Run a double thread through points of rick-rack as illustrated in Detail 1 and gather tightly and evenlv (see Detail 2); secure thread. Attach a pearl or rhinestone in center (see Detail 3). Make as many as needed.
MAKING LEAVES: Fold a piece of wire 16 inches long in half. Starting at fold of wire, sew points of rick-rack together and to wire to form leaf as shown in Detail 4. Make as many as needed.
MAKING BUDS: Fold a piece of wire 16 inches long in half. Join ends of each strip for bud same as for flower. Place circles of rick-rack together, run a thread through center (see Detail 5) and pull together tightly; secure thread. Sew bud securely to top of wire. Make as many as needed.
ASSEMBLING FLOWERS ' LEAVES AND BUDS: See Illustrations. CORSAGE: Sew each flower securely to a piece of wire. Arrange leaves,, buds and flowers as desired and wire all together at uppermost point. NECKLACE OR BRACELET: Sew flowers securely to a piece of ribbon. EARRINGS: With household cement, attach back of flowers to earring backs. For suggestions for other uses, see illustrations.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this! Rick-rack is one of my favourite things...And here, more ways to use it! I especially like the fleurettes on the gloves. So dainty! Thank you!

  2. Very cool! Now I've got another project.

  3. Can't wait to try this! Thanks for posting.

  4. love it seen something like this before but not as detailed,this is great ,thanks

  5. I had't no idea, that something like that can make out of ribbon I have used so many times! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I know, now I just want to go out and buy pretty rick-rack. And wouldn't that jumbo size make a darling flower on a girls dress?

  7. Very pretty! Thanks for posting this.

  8. What a great idea. I love the flowers on the slide sandals.