Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"New York Fashion Letter" from Karen Stark - 1947

This is Karen Stark.
"Among the ten foremost fashion designers in America today."
I thought you might be interested in her 1947 view of the fashion world.

New York Fashion Letter

"Formality of fashion is the keynote of the new Fall trends. American Design is entering a new phase, one of contemporary Victorianism.

The new and coming style is based on two principles, length and shape. Naturalness of shoulders, emphasis on hips and waistline, and more emphasis on femininity. This Fall season will bring fashion talent, imagination, and skill to its highest peak because designers now have the freedom of line and fabric which has long been denied them by restrictions and regulations during the war and the present reconversion. Once again we have the dreamed of almost legendary fabrics that can be molded into silhouettes which give a feeling of formality and elegance. Once again the shimmering satins, rustling taffetas, and lush brocades reminiscent of an almost forgotten era of ease and opulence. This use of stiff fabrics for late afternoon and evening lends an aura of elegance and charm. Formality in daywear is stressed by a softer, rounded look. Shoulders will be padded to appear natural and round. Hips will be emphasized by slight padding and intricate drapings.

Of keenest interest to everyone is the exciting new skirt length, for the much rumored longer skirt will be a definite reality in the Fall collections. This new length adds dignity and grace to any skirt; whether it be reed slim with long clinging lines, where the art of drapery and supple folds achieve the utmost of graceful expression, or exaggeratedly wide and romantic.

Afternoon and evening clothes will run the gamut in elaboration of design by fine detail, exquisite French laces and magnificent embroideries, to enhance the contour of the body lines.

The fashion conscious woman of today takes pride in presenting herself in the most pleasing manner possible and intelligently selects those fashions most suitable to her personality and way of life. Fashion must be dictated by the individual, not the individual by fashion, and the coming trends present such a variance of silhouette that the ultimate effect can only be one of great chic and distinction.

I believe in the feminine woman. I believe in clothes that bespeak charm and gracious living, clothes that not only flatter but dramatize woman's inherent loveliness."

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