Monday, March 15, 2010

La Donna - Italian Fashion Magazine - 1952 Part 2

Now the models are on the Isle of Capri.

"Nina Ricci: together by the sea costume of white linen suit with a collar on the bra and contract yellow sponge" Contract yellow sponge?

"The extravagant fashion of Capri" "Models of Capri by Emilio Pucci. Classic (left): blacks pants with blouse sura printed jagged black patent leather belt. Mad: long sleeves and pants two-piece detachable."

"Cellophane noodles on sun hat are among the most amusing novelty of Capri" "Dots and applied in a flying suit and a sundeck. Notes fanciful: a red inverted sleeve on her dress, her hat on the costume."

"Emilio cotton clothes to go dancing. Subset into two parts white with a black belt in elastance; skirt ankle peak with curly wheel, pattern that is repeated to the chariot of her blouse."

"Again the reason for the steering wheel in a pink dress with polka dots blacks, all lined with black neck tie. The hats are a funny novelty of Capri."


  1. Did an online translator give you those captions? :-)

  2. Yeah, my typing, Google Translates words. It's close, but no cigar. ;-)

  3. sponge is a bad translation of terrycloth (I assume the italian text was "spugna")... that does make sense now :)