Wednesday, March 17, 2010

La Donna - Italian Fashion Magazine - 1952 Part 4

This is a collection showing lots of very interesting details...inspiration galore!

"Germana Marucelli. High-waist with an elastic band on a blue linen dress with white piping. Together by the beach: sun dress and polka-dot shantung overcoat, bra, neck and profiles of black velvet."

"From the collection of Rina Modelli. Plaid pants and white jacket with black-yellow linen blouse. Complete in blue and white linen jacket buttoned over the shoulders and hips;-sailor blouse with horizontal stripes."

"Vanna. Holiday dress completely open and reversible, plain and printed, and the same dress with black sweater. Elegant organza dress with horizontal stripes and white with blue velvet belt and profiles."

"Biki Boutique. Gabardine two-piece suit with dead leaf profiles blacks. Skirt with two pockets and a corset laced bodice to the shirt, the same repeated in chintz printed skirt worn with black sweater."


  1. That top black dress is gorgeous. I love the detailing and yellow waistband!

  2. I've also just noticed the circle lining peeking out from the 'completely open' (!) reversible dress in pic3. Thank you Tina, these are fab!

  3. I know, the more you look the more you see...that's why I keep listing these...each page is better than the last!