Saturday, March 20, 2010

La Donna - Italian Fashion Magazine - 1952 Part 7

"Guillermaz. An elegant complement (below): soft and light blue crepe with satin polka dot profiles, the tunic dress and straight, with square neckline, sleeveless organza profiled. In the center, dressed in polka dot poplin skirt with panels because of pockets that cross-basque detached draped the bodice. On the right, together Sangallo black evening dress with bare shoulders profilin knotted black velvet, even the back of the neck and wrists are attached to the jacket of velvet. Broderie anglaise and black velvet reasons are widely used in fashion this summer, also on the sea and the beach."

"Pina and Tina (above), low-cut dress with a spade on the apron skirt profile moderately large, on the facing page the same formula-neck dress with straps made of embroidered fabric type Sangallo whose tone is even more acute by the romantic motif passanastro velvet. Fabric and color remain the dominant motifs of the season, often the only ones that make the same model in a dress for day or evening. The "evening" of summer, it should be stressed, and almost always "short", dealt with simply very attuned to the holidays."

"Miricae (middle), dress straw in two colors: straw fabrics for suits and jackets are very fashionable at the contract for the holidays 1952, at the top, a black linen dress with white applications, further to the right, a large blusone dissolved profiles embroidered worn over narrow pants blacks to Corser. Cavallo (right), dressed in white linen with black net top edges overlapping. The network, like fisherman, often applied with intentions a bit 'quirky and fun to the holidays."


  1. Would love to see how that pink spotty wrapover top is constructed as the drawing seems to defy my sense of logic!

  2. Ok, my best guess is that one side threads through a slit in the other side. It's very cool...and very different. That's the thing about these, each outfit has some detail that I haven't seen any place else. I have a few more days worth...keep looking!

  3. These are gorgeous! I'll take one of each.