Monday, August 3, 2009

Clothes For You - A Pictorial Fashion Show 1954 - Part 5

17. A bathing suit-youthful and gay-that you can easily make. (Fabric made with Enka Rayon)

18. Well-tailored shorts and slacks which give a trim look to the figure are appropriate for certain moments of fun and relaxation. (Courtesy of Davenshire Co.)

19. A coat made of the finest Stroock Camel's Hair and tailored by Originala is a cherished possession and one that may be worn for many occasions. (Courtesy of S. Stroock and Co., Inc.)

20. A fitted coat with princess lines that may be worn with afternoon clothes as well as for street and spectator sportswear. (Courtesy of Franklin Simon and Co.)

21. A printed frock for afternoon wear is always a popular item in the spring and summer wardrobe. (Courtesy of Henry Rosenfeld Originals)


  1. Loving the fashion show. My fav has to be the first pic.

  2. That was fun to look at! Thanks for the show and I think the bathing suit was my fave too :)