Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clothes For You - A Pictorial Fashion Show 1954 - Part 6

22. Luxury touches of mink give an air of sophistication to this simple frock. (Courtesy of Junior Sophisticates)

23. A simple but dressy afternoon frock of the classic shirtwaist type. (Courtesy of Henry Rosenfield Originals)

4. A lovely afternoon gown designed by Sophie that is simple but elegant and which may be worn for important parties and an evening at the theatre. (Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue)

25. This short jacket in ivory nutria has a youthful casual look and a touch of unstudied elegance. (Courtesy of Fredrica Furs)

26. A perfect afternoon coat collared in mink for dressy occasions. (Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue)

27. A black velveteen coat looks especially lovely when worn over a short, satin evening gown. (Courtesy of Judy 'n Jill)


  1. Another fabulous fashion spread. I love the first outfil with the fur cuffs and collar as well as the white dress with the piping details.

  2. Wait...isn't nutria actually muskrat?

  3. They do look very much alike (they both look like a cross between a beaver and a VERY large rat), but I don't think they're the same thing.

    Nutria is Myocastor Coypus and has been used in the past as a fur-bearing animal, but it has been largely out of favor since the 1940's.

    Muskrat is Ondatra Zibethicus, and is the only member of this genus. It is also rarely used these days as a fur-bearing animal. Muskrats are best known today for their muskrat love.

    Aren't you sorry you asked? :o)

    Tina, you find the best stuff.

  4. Wow, isn't it nice to have a variety of folks around...Jo knows her animals!
    I only know Nutria because the carnivals try to pass them off as "THE WORLDS LARGEST RAT!". And it costs 50¢ to see them.
    Don't ask me how I know that. ;-)