Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clothes For You - A Pictorial Fashion Show 1954 - Part 3

11a. A silk suit with classic lines may be worn with distinction at the country club and for street-wear on a warm summer day. (Courtesy of Peck and Peck)

11b. A trim well-tailored coat for rainy days. (Reprinted from Mademoiselle.Copyright Street and Smith Publications, Inc., 1953. Photo by Colhoun)

12. The versatile polo coat has an important place in any wardrobe because it may be worn for so many occasions-traveling, shopping, and on the campus. (Courtesy of Russeks)

13 a. & b. A versatile type of costume which becomes a trim street outfit when the jacket is worn. (Courtesy of Peck and Peck)

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