Thursday, August 27, 2009

Give Your Coat A Gala Lining - From Woman's Home Companion 1950

Renee Duke in her new-old coat. She hemmed the lining, made it an inch shorter than the coat, tacked it to the coat at the seams. Then she gave the coat new buttons, made a blouse to match the lining.

This year the newest coats flaunt gay and brilliant linings. As we saw more and more of them we wondered if this mightn't be a good way to make an old coat look new. Associate Editor Renee Duke brought in a gray flannel coat that she had worn so long she didn't think she could get another season out of it-would we like to use it as a guinea pig? We would and did. We asked our dressmaker to work out the simplest possible method of putting in a new lining-the step-by-step process you see here. And Renee likes her coat so much that she plans to wear it all winter.

1. When you rip, You may find that an inner lining has been stitched to the lining or the coat. Either way it's simplest to stitch it to the coat, if you want to retain it.

2. To make a pattern for the new lining. pin the pieces of the old to heavy paper, draw around them. Be sure to mark the grain lines before you cut the new fabric.

3. If you use plaid or stripe, match it. Then sew scams of lining together, also seams of sleeves. Do not attach sleeves until body lining has been sewed to coat.

4. Slipstitch lining to coat, leaving lower edge free. Slipstitch sleeve linings to lining now sewed to coat at shoulders, turn under at wrists and hem to sleeves.

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