Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chicago Mail Order Catalog ad - 1927

"The attractive coats shown here are splendid examples of the alluring fashions and unusual bargains you will find in this interesting book-a perfect guide to styles. Every page of our great Fall and Winter Style Book and Family Outfitter offers YOU a saving. For almost 40 years we have been building better value into wearing apparel for the entire family, at lower prices than you would ordinarily expect to pay for stylish merchandise of Guaranteed Quality. Our aibility to make tremendous purchases at great savings, our control of sources of production and our willingness to sell in large quantities at a very low percentage of profit assure you that everything you buy will give you that service and satisfaction you have a right to expect. 3,500,000 customers have learned to depend upon the Chicago Mail Order Co. for finer styles, better quality and lower prices. Send for our big Catalog-it's Free."

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