Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coz' Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout A Sharp Dressed Man!

Look at these Dapper Dans from The Chicago Mail Order Catalog from 1933!

"Hollywood Style-Hits for Peppy Young Fellows." "A Suit good enough for the President's son."

"On the level men, it's the greatest "suit-buy" in all America, a suit men who never paid less than $15.00 would be glad to wear."

"These "Style-Clad" suits tower like skyscrapers over competitive suits..."

"Ken Maynard (Famous Hero Of Many Movie Thrillers) says: Your "Style-Clad" clothes for men, not only meet with my heartiest approval as to fashion-rightness and tailoring, but astound me beyond words by their low price!"

"A brisk, virile-looking style, interpreted by a strong, super-serviceble material...that's a "team" to win any man!"

"A smart, fashion-right suit, with a double-breasted, patch-pocketed coat that gives "the younger element" the brisk, sporty breezy air of a motion-picture magnet "off-duty"."

"Days that would make you feel as limp as a wet dish-rag if you wore a wool suit, won't faze the man wearing either of these summertime pep-savers!"


  1. One thing they aren't showing (and that's because they are men's clothing, not boys') is a suit that came with knickers AND a pair of pants. My dad got one for his bar mitzvah in 1930 and he said he wore that thing all the way through high school. The only thing that stopped him was that the knickers wore out.

  2. Some of these suits do have a second pair of pants. But I was wondering about how they cleaned these...I can't imagine a man's suit going through wringers and the rough washing that other clothing went through in those days. But I also can't imagine that my grandmother send anything to a dry cleaner either. I need to ask around.

  3. I think what surprised me the most was the wide leg on the pants. I for some reason thought men's pants were more tapered at this time. Very sharp, though. : )

    Chrys in KS