Monday, January 18, 2010

Galey and Lord Town Cottons - 1945

"Partners William Galey and Charles Lord founded Galey & Lord in 1886 to market fabrics to the apparel industry. The pair established the company as a selling agent for their other business, Aberfoyle, a mill in Pennsylvania. The firm grew steadily, and by 1922 it also functioned as sales agent for Camerton Mills. During the Great Depression, Galey & Lord manufactured a fabric common for civilian work wear--khaki. Though expensive, khaki earned its place as a conventional apparel fabric at this time." More info found here.

Each of these dresses was available from the Montgomery Ward Catalog, Spring/Summer in 1945. The dresses were $12.98 each, the hats, "Large Sailor hat of lustrous imported Straw Braid" and "Smart Mushroom Brim Bonnet of rich imported Straw Braid" were $12.50 each.

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